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雅思Task2 不可錯過的注意事項 (1)

今天針對的是雅思寫作 Task 2 申論題題型 ​

Task 2在雅思考試中需要寫到 250 字以上​

建議約花 40 分鐘完成


1. 針對問題表達意見 :​

此類型題目通常會給考生一個論述,再要求你針對該論述表達自己的意見,又可以再細分成兩種形式: ​

(a). What are your opinions on this?

示範題目: ​

International tourism is now more common than ever before. Some feel that this is a positive trend, while others do not. What are your opinion on this?

(b). Do you agree or disagree?


Men and women are different in terms of their characteristics and abilities. For this reasons, some jobs are better done by men and others by women. Do you agree or disagree? ​

以上兩種類型基本上是同一個問法,只是不同的題目呈現。 ​

2. 針對問題 提出原因、影響和解決方法​ :​


Many people believe that educational standards have declined in recent times, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy. Discuss the cause of this problem and offer some possible solutions to it. ​

須注意此類題目是要你原因(cause)、影響(effects)和解決方法(solutions) 三者都要寫或擇其中兩者寫​

如果它沒有要你寫 effects (如示範題目),那麼就不用寫​




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