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Idiom-(high time to do; bend over backwards for S/O; bend over backwards to do S/T )

1. high time to do

- It is the right time; the timing is overdue so must to do now.

eg. Since the stock market is low, it is high time we finally invest our money for our retirement.

2. bend over backwards for S/O ; bend over backwards to do S/T

- do a lot to help; try all you can appease.

eg. The waitress bent over backwards to serve our table for 12 people so we gave her a big trip.

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Idiom-(to pony up/spice things up)

1. to pony up - pay your debt; give what you owe Eg. Jack told his lazy friend to pay up and finally pay back his loan 2. spice things up - make a thing more exciting or interesting Eg. Since her life

idiom-(lose one’s touch/go cold turkey)

1. lose one’s touch - lose ability or skill; no longer able to do Eg. Sabrina lost her touch about teasing people after Stephen went to the uk. 2. go cold turkey -to suddenly stop a habit or behavior

Idiom-(be down in the dumps/let it lie)

1. be down in the dumps - be sad ; be in a mood Eg. Stephen is down in the dumps because hi is going abroad and cannot see Sabrina anymore. 2. let it lie - don’t change; keep it the same Eg. A: Should


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