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Idiom- (go down in flames / to bust one's chops )

1. go down in flames

- fail in a bad day


Sam tried to ask that girl to go on a date but he went down in flames.


2. to bust one's chops

- (1).to work exceptionally hard

- (2).to harass or tease


Since she must get a good score, Alice busted her chops to study and practice her English.

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Idiom-(to pony up/spice things up)

1. to pony up - pay your debt; give what you owe Eg. Jack told his lazy friend to pay up and finally pay back his loan 2. spice things up - make a thing more exciting or interesting Eg. Since her life

idiom-(lose one’s touch/go cold turkey)

1. lose one’s touch - lose ability or skill; no longer able to do Eg. Sabrina lost her touch about teasing people after Stephen went to the uk. 2. go cold turkey -to suddenly stop a habit or behavior


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